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$30 000

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Great Footage from Galway!

Ginny's Full Brother in Action. Looks like we have another rising star in 5 Oclocksomewhere!

And look who's still got it.  Hank at his best with Bre!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Upcoming Buck Davidson Clinics!

Hello Everyone!  While Hawley is in the midst of getting her new updates for the website, I wanted to send out information on Buck's 2011 Clinic Dates.

Please come join us at Kingsway Farm for one clinic or the series.  Here are the dates:

January 15th & 16th
February 14th & 15th
March 28th & 29th
May 21st & 22nd
June 18th & 19th

We'll have our full 2011 Competition Calendar on the site shortly.


Contact Hawley to register

Photo Credit Rolex 2010 - Lisa Thomas

Monday, October 25, 2010



Many thanks to Cealy Tetley for this great team shots!
Compliments of Horse Canada, here's a fantastic article as well.

Lexington, KY - The Canadian Eventing Team won the team silver medal on October 3, 2010, at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG)—Eventing Championships, held in Lexington, KY.
The team, comprised of Hawley Bennett-Awad, Kyle Carter, Selena O’Hanlon and Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch, entered the show jumping phase in third place on a combined score of 147.50. With the best three of the four scores to count, they added only one rail, for four faults, to a final total of 151.50 finishing in the silver medal position. This result was not only Canada’s first eventing team medal at a World Championships in 32 years, but also qualified the Canadian Eventing Team for the 2012 London Olympics.
“This team was full of poise and grace all the way through this competition,” said International Technical Advisor, David O’Connor. “They have been real grown up, and I thought they were class yesterday and class today with only one rail down. It is a really exciting time for all of us—the program, the riders and for where we go in the future.”
Great Britain won the team gold medal with a team total of 151.50, and New Zealand was less than one rail behind Canada with 154.80 for bronze.
“We are thrilled and it was a great team effort. We finished four points off our dressage score, so it does not get any better than that,” said Graeme Thom, chef d’équipe of the Canadian Eventing Team. “David O’Conner did a fantastic job and everyone on the team was wonderful.”
Rhodes-Bosch, 22, of Summerland, BC and Port Authority, a 12-year-old Canadian-bred Selle Français/Thoroughbred gelding that she co-owns with her mother, Patricia Bosch, was the top Canadian adding one rail at fence 11, the Liverpool, to finish with a three-day total of 48.20 for ninth place overall.
“I, for my own individual result, would have loved to be clear, but with only one rail, I was able to contribute to a really great team result,” said Rhodes-Bosch. “I am super excited. This is a really great day for Canada.”
With a clean show jumping round, O’Hanlon of Elgin, ON moved up six placings to finish 12th overall on her dressage score of 50.8 riding Elaine and Michael Davies’ 16-year-old Swedish Warmblood gelding, Colombo.
“I did not want to let anyone down today. It is a lot more pressure when it is your teammates that are counting on you for a medal,” said O’Hanlon who also rode Colombo at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. “Colombo is a fantastic horse. He always goes as well as I can ride him.”
Also clear in show jumping was Bennett-Awad of Langley, BC riding Gin & Juice, the 10-year-old bay American Thoroughbred mare owned by Bennett-Awad and Linda Paine, who finished in 17th place on their dressage score of 52.50.
“It was a great feeling knowing how fit my horse was today,” said Bennett-Awad. “She is a young horse, so the more miles she gets the better she is going to be. Gin & Juice is just amazing”
Riding Caroline Bazley’s Canadian-bred nine-year-old Canadian Sport Horse gelding, Riddle Master, Howard of Salmon Arm, BC, added one rail to her score to finish with 61.20, which was good for 23rd place individually.
“He really came here and went to work this week,” said Howard of her young horse. “I noticed that he was a bit spookier in the ring today, but he was a really good boy.”
Carter of Calgary, AB rounded out the Canadian team with two rails riding Madison Park, a 12-year-old Thoroughbred gelding owned by Carter and Jennifer Carter. The pair finished in 35th with a score of 76.90.
“The mistake that happened was mine. With Madison Park, you only have one option, and that is to ride him like he will never knock a fence down,” said Carter. “He jumps well, but I tried to protect him too much. I am thrilled with him.”
Jessica Phoenix and Exponential, who were competing individually, withdrew before show jumping due to a minor injury incurred on Saturday.
At the end of the competition Bennett-Awad added on a final thought from the Canadian Eventing Team. “In the next few years we are going to continue to develop and continue to be a team to look out for—just a heads-up.”
Eventing is comprised of three phases of competition held consecutively — dressage, cross country and show jumping.  At the 2010 World Equestrian Games, 80 horses representing 18 nations competed in the eventing competition.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hawley is going to be sending me a post WEG wrap-up commentary......but I couldn't wait to put up the pictures!  What a weekend......memories for a lifetime!!  LT

Monday, October 4, 2010


Excuse my delay in posting this announcement....but I was out partying with team Canada & then had to hit the road for 11 hours in the car before getting home tonight!!

As all fans of Hawley Bennett Eventing now know, Team Canada had a historic moment, claiming silver with a score of 151.5, behind the impressive British team on a score of 139.4 & edging out New Zealand (154.8) and the USA, who had a heartbreaking stadium & dropped down to fourth on a score of 160.3.

I plan to upload a full photo album & more detailed results tomorrow......when I have recovered from my road trip euphoria & can see straight!!

Many thanks to Hawley & Gamal for including me in all the festivities & giving me a home last night!!!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wishes from Hawley's Mom!!

Gerry sent me an email last night....which I just have to share with Hawley & the team.  I for one really wish that she was here, but the know that all her good karma is reaching us here in Kentucky!!
"What a great day for the Canadian team, 6 pairs, 6 went clear -no other country came even close to that.!! 
What a future, we have..... I believe, and I am so excited for tomorrow, to think Canada can 'medal' - will definitely be the biggest upset in eventing ever!!  Clear stadiums are going to be huge, and we have really good stadium horses, plus I think their rounds today, were pretty easy on horses as far as bangs, bumps, go and jog tomorrow may be tough for some of horses and stadium is hard, if the horses are ouchy, stiff, hurting at all!!  It's going to be a nail biter for sure!!
Watched the whole thing live, I'm exhausted. What I saw was 'spot on' a x-c machine, rider, having a blast !!  Sooooooooooo proud of both of them."


Saturday, October 2, 2010

An Amazing Day XC!

Team Canada has really put in a remarkable effort today.....blazing a trail for their home country which hasn't been achieved in multiple decades.  For a team that wasn't even concentrating on medal contention, this crew came here just hoping to achieve personal best and has certainly topped that.  Little could they imagine that they would be sitting in 3rd place at the end of the day!!

Here's the current overall results;

Team Results: 
1. Great Britain 139.4
2. USA 143.3
3. Canada 147.5
4. New Zealand 150.8
5. Germany 192.7

I spoke briefly with Gamal, Hawley's proud husband and team supporter.  He reported that they were busy back at the barn, doing the night feed, going through the vet check and consulting with their coach.  The whole team is graciously optimistics about tomorrow & just wants to go out & do there best once again.  Regardless of whether they stay in medal contention, I'm sure that they will make their home country proud & there will be reason to celebrate!

Enjoy the photo album of Selena & Hawley.  Till tomorrow................LT

COUNT DOWN TO XC AT 12:20!!!!!

It's a really chilly morning here in Kentucky, which is a bit challenging for the event volunteers and spectators, but wonderful for the horses.  I'm sure if I was back in the barn with Hawley & Ginny, I'd see a mare that is ready to run!!

If you are here.....please hustle out on course to support all of our girls (That's Hawley, Ginny and the rest of the Canadian team).  You can also keep up with all the action through Eventing Nation.

Kick on Hawley & have a safe ride!!!  LT

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's Show Time!!

Yesterday was another entertaining day in Lexington!!! The mornings alway start at the hotel with we were learning new words from Kyle and Jessica. I was laughing so hard, my cheeks hurt!!  We then get taken by "shuttle" with our excellent driver "Pedro", AKA Graeme Thom to the show grounds.  This is also another highlight of my day, as Kyle and Selena keep going at each other.....which leads to another case of sore cheeks!! It is so nice to be a part of such a great team! Everyone gets along, which is a lot said with 5 girl riders and 6 girl grooms!!!

Once at the barn we did a quick jog of the horses and all looked great.  I decided that I would do some dressage with Ginny.  At the briefing in the morning we were told that we were permitted to compete in dressage with ear bonnets!!  Good thing because Ginny LOVES her "blue thinking cap"!!  

I wish I could have gone in the competition ring today,  as Ginny was so good!  I kept going thru all of the lessons I have had with my amazing dressage coach Nikki Zamora and we had a great ride because of that.  From 12 - 1 we were then aloud to "work" in the main ring, where we will compete.  This sounds like it would be a great idea, until you put 85 fit event horses in a ring together!  Needless to say, I rode Ginny in there for about 10 min and then quietly left. :)  I stayed on which made me happy!!!

I got to walk the XC in the afternoon and WOW!!!!  What an amazing job they have done here as every fence looks awesome!!  By fence 2 (They wiskey barrel table) you know you are on a WEG course!!!  It is very big and technical with a ton of corners.  The head of the lake has a very narrow angle brush in with a ditch in front...never jumped one of those before!!!  There are many tough questions and I will be walking the course again tomorrow with both Buck and Coach David!  After the excitement of walking the course, I ventured up to the Main Ring for the last few Team Dressage horses.  

I am so lucky to have seen Totalis perform live.  As soon as he came into the main ring, I got goosebumps!!  I am not a dressage expert by any means, but this horse is so much better than everyone else it is crazy!! Upon finishing he got a standing ovation from the crowd!!  I can not wait for his freestyle on Friday!!!  The evening was finished with Ravel performing for the USA... again, an amazing ride!!!  These horses make it look so easy and effortless, actually making dressage look fun!!!

We had a great "team" dinner with all of the grooms and riders, which has proven to be so important!!  It all starts tomorrow...Jog at 9am. Canada drew 20th as a country so we should be jogging around 10:30 am.  So excited and still can't believe I am riding at WEG!!! :)  

Can't wait to see my SBM!!!!  5 weeks is WAY to long!!! So happy the West Coast Peeps are starting to arrive :)

Good luck to all!!

xoxo Hawley and Ginny  :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's a long way to WEG, and Hawley wouldn't have made it without the generous support of all her sponsors.
Check out their logos & information which is showcased on our blog & website! 

Daily Update

What at great day in Lexington....Even tho it was a rainy, cold, 55 degree day :) Ginny was a superstar in her jump lesson today (Thanks Susie and Buck for such great prep work!!!!!!) We went & watched team dressage (Canada was great!), and it got me inspired! Tomorrow the "big boys" go...Ravel and Totiila SUPER excited!! Even better, we get to walk XC!!! :) :) ♥ HB and Ginny

Monday, September 27, 2010

We've Arrived!!!

What a difference a few days makes!!! Ginny and I had a great training camp at Mrs Mars farm in Ocala Florida. We ended the camp with a great xc school and gallop up the hill. After focssing on the dressage for the days before, this was a very "fun" day for both Ginny and I. Needless to say, my little mare is fit and ready to gallop on the Kentucky grass.

We had a really fun last "team" dinner where we tried out our red lipstick that will be worn at jog!! (Check out Eventing Nation) There were a few motivational talks from coach Canada and I think that we are all ready and we all "believe" . I would also like to say a HUGE THANK YOU TO: FITS RIDING, OMEGA ALPHA, EQUISSAGE, MERIAL, ECOGOLD, HORES WEAR AND EQUINE CANADA!!!! It was a bit like Christmas when the UPS truck showed up with our team stuff!!! It was a really fun last night, until the alarm clock went off at 130am....time to head to WEG!!!!

Ginny got to travel with Columbo to Kentucky. It was an uneventful 12 hr trip. All the horse travelled great and settled into their "home" for the the next 10 days. Thanks so much to Graeme and Deb for getting the stalls ready... Ginny is basically sleeping on a pillow of shavings!! I got goose bumps when I looked out of my tackroom and saw the British Team arrive.... It is still a bit sureal to me that I am competing at WEG with the best riders in the world. The best part is when I was grazing Ginny, William Fox Pitt came up to me and said hello and asked me how my mare was doing!!!!! He knew who I was!!!! We had a great "chat". The New Zealand team is stabled just down from us and Natalia went quiet....Mark Todd walked by and said hello! It is so wierd to be hanging out with the people that I have looked up to for years.

We had our first ride today and Ginny was great!!! I only rode her once today and gave her the rest of the afternoon off. She had a good sleep all cuddled up in her shavings. Hopefully she is dreaming of a dressage test in the low 40's, clean fast xc, and a beautiful clean sj round!!

The opening ceremonies are this evening. I wll be marching in with the best riders in the world. I am so thankful to be here with one of the best horses in the world. If you told me 4 years ago that I would be at the Worlds, I probably would have laughed. I am not laughing now... I am part of a very competive team that has just as much ability as everyone here. This proves to me that if you work hard enough and make some big sacrifices anything is possible. Best of luck to all the competitors.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

I just left a message for Hawley and completely admitted to phone stalking her to write her next blog entry......but the truth is, our girls are a little BUSY!!!

Even though they are hard at work training with the team, Hawley has found a little time to have some fun with Natalia and the Crew!  Can someone leave a comment on this blog and let me know who belongs to that cute little baby.  Enjoy the photo album, although it's a bit blurry b/c it was shot from Hawley's phone!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Adventures of Two Road Warriors!

I was able to catch up with our favorite girls yesterday, as Hawley and Ginny were spending a bit of down time together, relaxing in this beautiful field down in Ocala, courtesy of Mrs. Mars!

Well, it hasn't been this calm and sedate up to this point.  After the conclusion of the AEC's, Hawley and Ginny had quite an adventure on their last evening at Chattahoochee Hills.  When Hawley went back to the barn to do a bed check on Ginny, she arrived to find her stall absolutely empty!!  She searched the adjacent area, but Ginny was no where to be found.  Ginny, the little devil, had escaped into the wide open space surrounding Carl Bouckaert's fantastic facility. There are some drawbacks to tracking down a fit 4* horse on such an expansive piece of land!!

According to Hawley, she did feel the need to work off her last meal, but taking a walk for over 2 miles to track down her coveted WEG partner was not what she had in mind. After finally finding her in the dark by finally hearing her knicker, this pair was reunited. Phew!!

The girls are now safely down in Ocala, enjoying the generosity of Mrs. Mars who is keeping them safe on her farm.  They had a fun jump school today & a little gallop.  Hawley will check back in periodically on her road to the WEG.

Cheers!  LT

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gin & Juice Named Omega Alpha Canadian Event Horse of the Month for July!

Le français suit l’anglais
August 31, 2010
Gin & Juice Named Omega Alpha Canadian Event Horse of the Month for July

Ottawa, ON—The Canadian Eventing Committee has named Gin & Juice as the Omega Alpha Canadian Event Horse of the Month for July.

Gin & Juice is co-owned by Canadian Olympian Hawley Bennett-Awad and American Linda Paine. The 10-year-old bay Thoroughbred mare finished fourth in the CIC3*-W division at the Event at Rebecca Farm held July 21-25, 2010 in Kalispell, MT.
Bennett–Awad of Langley, BC, and Gin & Juice were sitting in fifth place after dressage with a score of 49.6. The pair jumped clear adding just six time penalties cross-country moving them up into third place.  Eight faults in the jumping round dropped them just one spot to finish fourth with a final score of 63.6.
“Ginny has really come along this year with great results at Galloway Downs, Rolex and now at Rebecca Farm,” said Bennett. “I would like to give a big thank you to Omega Alpha for being such generous sponsors of not only the Canadian Event Horse of the Month Award but also of the entire Canadian Eventing Team. All my horses are thriving on their products.”
Canadian Eventing created the horse recognition program to celebrate the achievements of Canadian owned horses that represent Canada in North American competition. Canadian Eventing is also very pleased to have Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals’ generous support of this new horse recognition program. Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals will be providing each owner of the Horse of the Month with a generous gift certificate of $200 credit towards the purchase of Omega Alpha products of their choice.
About Canadian Eventing
Canadian Eventing is the committee of Equine Canada responsible for the sport of eventing in Canada from the grassroots to the international level. The Canadian Eventing Committee is comprised of 12 members, including two rider representatives elected by the Elite Riders Association. Directed by the Strategic Plan for Eventing, all Eventing activities are administered by this committee via six sub-committees with the support of an eventing manager based at the Equine Canada office in Ottawa. For more information about Canadian Eventing, visit and select disciplines then Eventing. 
About Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc. is Canadian owned and incorporated in 1992, and with the approval of Health Canada, Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals has concentrated its efforts into producing and manufacturing herbal supplements and remedies. As a pharmaceutical company, all herbal supplements and health products manufactured by Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc. are done so following rigid standards and uncompromising quality. Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc. specializes in formulations for enhancing equine health and performance, using the finest natural ingredients available. For a list of the wide range of products for the optimum health and performance of humans, equines and pets, please visit
About Equine Canada
Equine Canada is Canada’s national governing body for equestrianism.  A member-driven, charitable institution, it is the executive branch of the Canadian Equestrian Team, and the national authority for equestrian competition; the national voice for recreational riders; and the national association for equine welfare, breeding, and industry.  Equine Canada is recognised by the Government of Canada, the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), and the Canadian Olympic Committee as the national organisation representing equestrian sport and equine interests. For more information about Equine Canada, please visit
- 30 –
“Gin & Juice was named as the Omega Alpha Canadian Event Horse of the Month for July.”
Photo Credit—
Photograph may be used one time only, in relation to the above news item. Photograph also available in high resolution, please e-mail:
Please advise of links to web postings

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Going to the World Equestrian Games is a dream for every horse & rider combination. Hawley and Ginny have formed a fabulous relatioship & we're hoping to solicit some help from her amazing fans to help her get there!! Currently our favorite little fire cracker, Gin & Juice is the #1 ranked mare, holds the #1 Gold Cup Ranking, is the #6 horse in the country and Hawley is the #10 rider in the country. Not bad for a couple of girls!

"Going to worlds has been a dream of mines since I was a little girl. Having the Worlds on North American soil is even more amazing. Getting to ride my "little sports car" around on the green grass of Kentucky would make my dream come true. Ginny and I have shared our ups and downs which has included winning the Bromont CCI***, placing 9th at Rolex this spring and 3 trips to the hospital!!! I have grown to love Ginny more and more!!! I thank God that she is only 16 hands, because if she was any bigger, I would be not be able to ride her. She is the spunkiest, most athletic little horse I have ever sat on, and when she was younger this would get me in trouble as I spent more time on the ground that I did on her!!! All these characteristics are the reason now that she is so good!!! "

We have a big budget to get to the WEG and can only get there with your help! Between shipping to the Selection Trial at the AEC's, training camp in Ocala, hotel, flights, car rental, feed, supplements and general upkeep of Ginny.......our expenses our well over $10K.

Southern California Equestrian Sports, Inc. (SCES) is a non-profit organization dedicated to help equestrian riders and organizers raise tax deductible funds to compete in or support their National and International competitions throughout the United States. Hawley is setting up a fundraising effort in conjunction with the SCES in order to make her dreams of attending the WEG a reality. Won't you please help her get there?!!

You can donate through the SCES on our website at the following levels:

$10 - In kind donation
$20 - Receive an autographed photo of Hawley & Ginny from Rolex !
$50 - Receive custom spur straps created by Sue Church!
$100 - Receive an autographed hat from the WEG!

A big thank you also to Buck Davidson for letting Hawley stay at his place in Ocala and to Mrs. Jackie Mars for the use of her place at training camp in Ocala.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Photo Album from Rolex 2010!

Enjoy this fabulous photo documentary of Ginny & Hawley this year at Rolex.  Photo credits Shannon Brinkman!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Updated Schedule!

Take a gander at our upcoming events, clinics & parties!  Any questions, please contact Hawley via email or give her a buzz at 951-852-8556.  The full schedule is also on the website.

10th Maralee Paul baby shower!!!!
18th - 25th Rebecca Farm CIC*** in Montana
26th - August 1st NAYRC in Kentucky (Goodluck girls!!!!)

4th - 5th Clinic at Pearadise Farm
(Contact Allie Slusher 916-847-8127 or Karie Hall 530-305-7274)
12th-15th Woodside
21/22 Buck Davidson Clinic at Kingsway Farm
(Contact Hawley Bennett 951-852-8556)

7th-12th AEC'S
Canadian Team Selection for WEG!!!!!! Go GINNY!!!!
13th - 26th Training Camp, Ocala Florida
22nd-26th Twin Rivers
29th - October 3rd
WORLD EQUESTRIAN GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7th-10th Woodside Event
10th Eagles vs 49's Let's go birds!!!!!
13th- 17th Fairhill CCI***
30th - 31st Buck Davidson Clinic at Kingsway Farm
( Contact Hawley Bennett 951 852 8556)

3rd -7th Galway Downs CCI***!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!
7th-30th Month OFF!!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Focus On Safety

The following is an article that I wrote for the Rolex Website. After Oliver Townend's fall, I was able to catch up with him in England, and we spoke about the Point Two Pro-Air Jacket, which clearly prevented his accident from being catastrophic. Hawley is sponsored by Point Two USA, and I'd like her fans to become educated about this life saving device!!

Anyone who participates in, or follows this sport, knows that there has been a tremendous spotlight on safety due to the high profile falls that have occurred over the past several years. When I first arrived at Rolex, my assignment was to interview three riders and to produce three articles with a personal twist. The first was Debbie Rosen, an amazing woman who has battled breast cancer & finished her last round of chemo therapy 6 weeks prior to Rolex. The next was an interview with Buck and his reflections on Rolex and The Horse Park, as a son to an eventing legend & as one of the top level competitors in his own right today. My final interview was to be with Oliver and I planned to reveal more about his childhood & his atypical rise to stardom in the horse world.

After Oliver’s fall, the media center was buzzing with phone calls & concern regarding his condition. We tried to interpret the incoming texts & calls from our inside sources in an attempt to determine what was fact & what was a bi-product of the rumor mill. I had been at the head of the lake during his fall (see attached photos) so I wanted to see the footage of the actual incident. Kat Netzler of The Chronicle put me on to some photos which captured the entire event sequence & quite honestly I was shaken. It’s a very emotional experience when a member of the eventing community doesn’t make it through the finish flags. Every photographer & journalist who witnessed the fall stated that it was a miracle that he was alive.

Our sport has undergone grueling scrutiny over the past few years and everyone involved has taken on the task of improving safety standards. This sport is unified by a fraternity of riders, event organizers, owners and fans who want to see all competitors and horses given the best chance of walking away from an accident. This is why we’ve seen improvement in course design with frangible pins and break-away obstacles. One product which has been recently introduced on the market is an inflatable air jacket, which in Oliver’s case, may have saved his life.

When I first was introduced to the Point Two Pro Air Jacket, I was with my client Boyd Martin at the USEA convention in Reston, Va. The Point Two Pro Air Jacket had just been recently brought to market in Europe by the company founder Lee Middleton. Boyd was being offered the opportunity to be sponsored by Point Two USA, a subsidiary of the British parent company, with distribution rights here in the United States. Craig Martin & Sharn Wordley, both world class show jumpers and business partners from New Zealand, launched the marketing efforts of Point Two USA at Fair Hill International during the fall of 2009. Since then they have made great efforts to educate the public about the life saving protection of wearing a Point Two Pro Air Vest.

When I witnessed the deployment of the product at the convention, my first reaction was, “This is just a no-brainer!” Why not introduce a wearable safety device that gives riders the same protection as an air bag in your car. I contemplated buying one of the vests for myself, a lifelong rider who’s recently switched from 20+ years in the hunter ring back to eventing. After all, we’ve all read about riders who have had catastrophic accidents over a small warm up fence or while they were walking back to the barn.

This afternoon I was finally able to catch up with Oliver for that interview that never took place during Rolex. Through the orchestration of the British publicist for Rolex and Lee Middleton of Point Two, I was able to connect with Oliver for that final interview. The focus of the interview had clearly shifted from a personal account of his road to Rolex, to a celebratory affirmation of his ability to travel home to England. “Without a shadow of a doubt, I’d still be in a hospital in America, and not back in England, if it hadn’t been for this unbelievable product.” Oliver is now sore with some injuries that will keep him grounded for 21 days, but it’s simply miraculous that he’s even walking around after reviewing the photos from the actual fall. Clearly the Point Two Pro Air Vest had saved him from a catastrophic injury.

Oliver had been wearing the vest during an earlier fall at Livington Manner (Advanced) last year, where the deployment of the vest had enabled him to be back in the tack to ride at Badminton. Oliver emphatically told me “This product offers immense steps forward in safety for our sport, and NO ONE should go out cross country without one.”

Article and photos are the property of Lisa Thomas Mid-Atlantic Equestrian Services. Not for reproduction without permission.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Old News is Still Good News!

I'm back from my maiden voyage to Rolex, with the enviable position of having a press pass to the media area and a stable pass to be backstage with the competitors.  The entire 5 days flew by so quickly and it's back to business as usual for all of us!

Hawley and Ginny were absolute ROCK STARS!!  Their effort here at Rolex was so solid and this little mare never put  a foot wrong.  She cranked around the XC course like she had been doing it all of her young life.  I watched her round from up in the press box, so I got to see every fence and there wasn't an ounce of hesitation in her.  I know that Hawley must be thrilled. With only 1 rail in stadium, they ended on a score of 57.8, securing this duo a 9th position in the money!!

I apologize for lack of pictures on this posting...but I had to leave to catch my plane right before Hawley's stadium round.  I was disappointed, but I did finally get the opportunity to meet Gamal & that rounded out a fabulous weekend indeed.  Next year I'll make sure that I don't fly home until Monday (what a rookie move)!

Can't wait to see these girls perform at the WEG.  They're in prime form!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Final Phase

The stadium is starting to fill, as the riders complete their course walk in final preparation for stadium
Hawley & Ginny are in great position.....standing on their dressage score of 53.8 after their amazing double clear performance yesterday.  Good luck girls!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

What a Smile!

Hawley & Ginny pleased the crowd today here at the Kentucky Horse Park with a solid performance in dressage!  With their score of 53.8, they are standing in 21st (out of a field of over 50 horses), which will put them in a solid position before XC.....and as we all know, Ginny rocks it on XC!!

To follow the live scoring, please visit the official Rolex Website, where there is a great home page picture of our girls from today.  Here's looking forward to an exciting & safe tomorrow!!  LT

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last Update Before the Real Action at Rolex!!

The format was changed for the CIC's at Galway. This meant that we would do dressage and show jumping on Friday and then go cross country in reverse order on Saturday.  The dressage ring was set literally across the street from Ginny's field!!!  Considering how distracted she was, she put in a decent test.  I would have loved to have scored in the 40's with her, but I had a 10 point difference in her scores. 

Friday afternoon in the show jumping, she was amazing!!!  We jumped a beautiful, relaxed double clean round!!! Good girl Ginny!!!  Saturday was a little different scenario for me...I have never gone cross country in reverse order before!! Robert Kellerhouse, the organizer of Galway, wanted a more exciting day for spectators, and more pressure for the leader!!!!  Before I left the box, only 1 person had jumped clean and in time. Jennifer Wooten and her amazing little mare the Good Witch cruised around the course. I gave Ginny a pat on the neck, took a deep breathe and started out on Ian Starks fabulous designed course. There were many challenging, tough questions on the course and some new "animals" that we had to jump as well!!!  I could not have been happier with Ginny!!  She was AMAZING...or as Ian said, 'BRILLIANT!!"  We jumped around with no problems, clean and easily in time!!!  We ended up in third place!!!  That was a great result, but  just as exciting, we moved into first place in the USEA Gold Cup Series!!!  We received "bonus" points because we ended on our dressage score!! Ginny got many carrots and was very happy to return "home" with her friends in the field!!

There are only a few more sleeps till the "big" weekend!!  (Yeah!!!!!!)  Ginny and I will be flying out to Rolex with TexSutton Airlines. (Thank you Greg!!!)  It is so much easier to travel by air and get there in three hours from California, instead of three days!!!  It is more expensive to fly, but so worth it!!!  We will be flying out with The Good Witch and out boys, there are 5 fabulous mares coming out from California!!!!  Thank you Evan Haller and his wonderful girlfriend Tonya, who come with smiles to pick us up from the airport with all of our "stuff"  :)

You might see some "Gin & Juice" hats and shirts around Rolex.  We had these made as a fundraiser to help cover the cost of getting to Rolex.  Thank you so much to everyone who helped support us!! :)  It brings a smile to my face to see all the "Gin &  Juice" supporters. 
I am a very lucky girl to have so many amazing friends, supporters and sponsors in my corner.  This adventure could not happened with out you.  Thank you Terry and Linda Paine for being such great friends and owners.  You are both like family to me.  Sue, Mom of the hot chick, thank you for always making me laugh and being such a rock for me.  Natalia, thank you for taking time away from your horses and taking such great care of Ginny.  Allie and Maralee (#1 and #2) thanks for being the best besties a girl could ask for. Nikki, thanks for being such a great support over the years.  Mom and Bro, thanks for the never ending love, I think about you guys everday.  Robert and Erin Kellerhouse, thank you so much for all of your support for the West Coasters!!!! Gamal, thank you for understanding that I have one of the craziest jobs in the world... I love you my SBM!!!  Thank you to everyone involved with Hawley Bennett Eventing. I could not be happier with my life right now and I am so glad to have you all a part of it!! Thank you to all of my sponsors, I know that I am a VERY lucky girl to be sponsored by the best products in the WORLD!!  (Check out all my amazing sponsors at

I am so lucky to being taking part of such a great event for the 5th tim!  Rolex is such an experience and the dream of many to compete at. Jane Atkinson, thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to the sport of eventing and this wonderful event. You will be missed.  :)  I wish Christina Gray the best of luck....even though we wish you were still on the West Coast!!!

Count down on..... Kentucky here we come!!!  I will be the short blonde with the fancy little mare!!! Hope to see ya'll  there with your "Gin & Juice" on!!!

XOXO Hawley and Ginny

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Every Horse Girl Needs a Hot Horse Hubby!

Sooooooo, I'm think that Gamal may kill me for this one, but it's time to shine a little recognition on the man behind the eventing machine!! 

Hawley's husband Gamal recently joined several other horse husbands on a virtual "round table" interview session for the Horse Radio Network.  All the men had fun recounting their experiences of being married to high powered horse professionals.  I'm sure that most of you who follow Hawley at events have met Gamal, but for our viewing pleasure, I've attached a picture of Hawley, Gamal (far right) and her family at the olympic torch run. 

Hands off girls, he's taken!!

Sit back, listen & enjoy

"Splendid" Win for Hawley at Twin Rivers Advanced!

Hearing from several sources, the event at Twin Rivers last weekend rivaled the mud-bath that we all witnessed last fall at Fair Hill!  Regardless of the tough going, Hawley & Splendor of the Sun came out to top the Advanced Division, creating a bit of brightness in an otherwise dreary weekend. 

Full article, courtesy of Emily Daily, Frankie Thieriot & the USEA website.

Splendid Win for Hawley Bennett-Awad at Twin Rivers Advanced

Author: Emily Daily
DSC_0267 by Frankie Thieriot
Final Results
Paso Robles, CA- Finally the sun came out for awhile, and shown through in more ways then one, as Pamela and John Hudson’s SplendoroftheSun tackled the muddy conditions with gusto and style to take home the blue ribbon in the Advanced division at Twin Rivers.
Leading from start to finish, Hawley Bennett-Awad appeared to have luck on her side for show jumping as a few poles danced in their cups as she made her way around the course. Dropping just one rail, and adding only four points to her three-day total, Hawley was very happy with her great round aboard the chestnut gelding. “I am really proud of him–this was one of the best rounds he has ever had, and in really bad conditions. It was the first time in a long time he tried to jump clean,” she said. 
(Left: SplendoroftheSun & Hawley Bennett-Awad led the Advanced division from start to finish. Emily Daily photo.)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hawley Carries the Torch for Canada!

Hawley made her country proud by participating in the passing of the torch prior to the opening ceremonies.  When I had the chance to catch up with Hawley right after the event, she commented on how emotional the experience was for her.  Pre-performance nerves even trumped the jitters she feels prior to some of her most challenging events, and having her entire family present made the experience just that much more special.  The honor of carrying the torch for your country is an amazing experience & was not taken lightly!

During her recent interview with Chris Stafford of the Eventing Radio Show, Hawley mentioned that her leg of run passed right in front of the Olympic Oval, where the speed skating was being held.  The camraderie with the other Olympic athletes (who had participated in past Olympics) & the festivities of the weekend will be one of her most memorable lifetime moments.  Please take some time to listen to the entire interview, as it not only covers this different type of Olympic experience, but Chris also speaks with Hawley about her upcoming training & competition goals for the year!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hawley to be a Featured Riders on the Rolex Website!

Follow the action with Hawley & 3 other top level competitors as they train for their big moment at the Rolex 3 Day Event!  Hawley will be featured alongside Bruce Davidson, Leslie Law & Kelly Prather, as the public is given an inside peak into the training methods of these top riders & how they prepare for the challenges of this international event.

Hawley's first blog has been submitted (please see below) or you can follow along on the Rolex Website.

Come join the excitement as we (her cheering committee) gear up to see Hawley take on Rolex!!

D.O.B.: May 4th 2000
D.O.B.: MAY 6TH 1977

"I started riding at Kingsway Farm in Temecula California 5 years ago.  I fell in love with the Southern California weather immediately, and made Kingsway my “training home”. While there, I saw a beautiful, spunky, little mare known as Gin & Juice.  She caught my attention right away as she was walking around on her hind legs, then leaping through the air!!  I had never seen such an athletic little horse before!!!  I thought to myself, “I hope she doesn’t do those ‘tricks’ when she is ridden!!!”
Little did I know, that spring, I would get the ride on Gin and Juice!!!

(Pictured above on Ginny winning at Bromont 2009)

Over the next five years, “Ginny” and I began to build a bond.  The little mare has definitely taught me patience, how to ride a buck, sent me to the hospital 3 times when I didn’t stay on for the buck, and then  last year my first CCI Three Star win at Bromont!!!!  Ginny is only 16 hands, which is great for me as I am not that tall. Ginny is like a little sports car!!!  She has all the movement to win the dressage, is extremely fast and careful cross country, and doesn’t like to hit the rails in show jumping!!  She has been very competitive through her career so far, and I have some big goals that I would love to attain with her!  (Pictured with Shannon at Bromont)

During January we get back to work!! Ginny had a bit of a break after a long year.  We get to start the year off right with a Buck Davidson clinic!!!  Buck is one of my great friends, and a fantastic coach. I also  get to ride with the wonderful Ian Stark at the Galway Downs Fundraiser Clinic.  I LOVE having lessons, especially when you get taught by the best in the world!!!  Our first event will be at the end of January, Open Intermediate at Galway.  It is hard to believe that the season has begun….only a couple of months till we make the drive East to Kentucky!!
(Hawley, Ginny & Ian Stark)

Riding at Rolex is the dream of many riders.  I have been lucky enough to have had 4 amazing clean trips around the Kentucky Horse Park with my long time partner Livingstone.  Livingstone has been a part of my life for the last 16 years, 10 of which he competed at the Advanced level.  I decided last fall that Livingstone, AKA “Hank” should be retired from upper level eventing.  By no means is he ready to be fully “retired”, so I found the perfect home for him.  Allie Slusher, who helped me at many three day events (and did her first Advanced last year on my beloved Hank), has a great student (pictured here on the right with Brea) who now will get to learn from Hank. As a tear runs down my cheek, I know that he has the best care and is so happy in his new job.  I hope Brea gets to learn as much as I have over the years.  Hank is my horse of a lifetime and I hope the lessons I have learned from him, will help me when I ride at Rolex this spring with my young mare Ginny.  Hank will begin his eventing career with Brea Hall this spring at the Galway Downs horse trials, Novice."

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hawley is Selected to Carry the Olympic Torch in 2010!

It is truly an honor to carry the Olympic Torch and Hawley Bennett has been selected in 2010.

Hawley first entered the contest back in 1988, only 11 years old at that time, to carry the torch through Langley. Entrants had to write a speech about why they wanted to carry it, and what it meant to them, and present the speech several times.

Out of 500 contestants, she was one of three finalists and gave her speech in front of 1,000 people at Langley Civic Centre. She lost, but was runner up — and was so disappointed, as she was already so focused on getting to Olympics one day, a goal she attained with her equine partner, Livingstone in Athens 2004.

Now another dream comes true. She gets to carry the torch, and honour all that it symbolizes. And as a bonus runners get the opportunity to buy and keep their torch.

Locals are disappointed that she is not carrying the torch in Langley, because it is her hometown where she and Livingstone were both born and raised, but she will be carrying it on Feb 9 in Richmond.

The approximate time of her run is 6:58 p.m. Her torchbearer number is: OTR 103-209.

Her part of route is starting along River Road, from the "No stopping" sign, to Richmond Olympic Oval Sign on River Road.

She hopes that riders and other equestrians show up to support our local athlete, Hawley Bennett.

Article courtesy of The

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fantastic New Article in Ca. Riding Magazine!

California Riding Magazine (Full Article with Pictures) • January, 2010 

Hawley Bennett Eventing
Canadian Olympian is a key player in and beyond the Southern California eventing scene.

Hawley Bennett-Awad’s realization that “it could be warm in the winter time” has been a boon for the West Coast eventing scene. Since the Canadian native arrived in Southern California in 2002 and started her own business in 2004, Bennett has established herself as a top competitor and trainer, not just on the West Coast, but in North America. Her role on the 2004 Canadian Olympic team highlights a resume that also includes four Rolex CCI****, a Pan Am Games, World Cup Final in Sweden, the rigorous Badminton CCI **** and multiple trips around the Fairhill CCI***. Bennett’s competitive accomplishments are only rivaled by the success of her students, who are meeting individual goals at every level of the sport.

Bennett credits much of her professional ascent to good luck, hard work and sacrifices. She is clearly one of those people who makes her own luck. Energetic and positive in all aspects of her approach toward horses and people, she has earned the respect and friendship of many of the eventing world’s top professionals, most supportive amateurs and loyal clients.

Photo: Shannon Brinkman

Bennett’s “winter can be warm” epiphany happened in Florida, where she and fellow Canadian Rebecca Howard ventured one winter to check out the East Coast. Bennett went as a working student for Stuart Black, but when her star horse, Livingstone, got kicked, fractured his leg and needed rehab time, she went to work as Buck Davidson’s groom. It was a great experience that began an influential and ongoing friendship. This month and in February and March, Davidson returns to Kingsway Farm in Temecula, where Bennett is based, for the sixth consecutive year of super successful clinics.

After Florida, Bennett went back to Canada briefly, then to the Trojan Horse Trials to Arizona, where she met MVP baseball player Troy Glaus and his wife, amateur eventer Anne. Bennett trained privately for the Glauses in California for two years, then started her own business at Terry and Linda Paine’s Kingsway Farm. In a pattern seen throughout her career, Bennett counts the Glauses and the Paines among her close friends and ongoing supporters. Kingsway Farm, conveniently situated across the street from the Southern California Equestrian Center (formerly known as Galway Downs), now bustles with the activity of Bennett’s successful training program.

Back to Basics

She was first instructed by her mother, Gerry Bennett, then Canadian show jumping/eventing trainer Pam Arthur, who was recently inducted into the Canadian Eventing Hall of Fame. She became an eventing devotee through the Langley and Grove Pony Club. Bennett learned to ride and care for horses the old-fashioned way. “I believe in and teach the basics because they were instilled in me since day one,” she reflects. “I did not canter until I could sit the trot. I did not jump until I could ride the canter properly. I didn’t move up to the next level until I was competitive at the present level.” Bennett’s basics encompass the general concepts of showing respect for all aspects of the sport: the horse, the equipment, teachers and fellow students.

At the core of these basics is proper horse management. Livingstone, a.k.a. “Hank,” is the best-known benefactor of that aspect of Bennett’s horsemanship upbringing. Her partner at the Advanced Level for 10 straight years, Hank is still going strong at 20. He recently carried Bennett’s former assistant Allie Slusher over her first Advanced Level course, at the Woodside Horse Trials this last summer, even though Slusher had never even ridden him cross-country.

Citing basic maintenance, like icing and wrapping his legs after each jump and gallop, and being judicious about how and when she rode hard for the win, Bennett is proud of Hank’s longevity. “Honestly, he feels as good today as he did at 8.” Which is as it should be given that, “Everything I have, sponsors, Three and Four Star experiences, clients, business, horses, is because of him,” she asserts. “Hank is my one in a million.”

Going For Goals

As a trainer, Bennett places a premium on goal setting. “It may be a student that wants to become the Novice level champion or to qualify for the Pan Am Games,” she relays. “I would rather have fewer students, but they have clear goals, than a lot of students who are wishy-washy about what they want to accomplish. I like the challenge.”

She currently has 16 horses in training at Kingsway Farm. In addition to students based there, Bennett teaches many riders who haul in for lessons and/or meet up with her at competitions. She welcomes both more students and more horses to campaign. Her idol in this regard is Buck Davidson. “He had nothing when he left his father’s (two-time World Champion and multiple Olympian Bruce Davidson) place, and now he rides 30 horses! I respect him so much for what he’s accomplished and he has helped me tremendously.”

The World Equestrian Games, to be held this fall in Kentucky, is the big goal in Bennett’s sights. If all goes well, her partner will be Gin & Juice, the Paines’ 10-year-old Thoroughbred mare. With Bennett in the irons, the mare won her first Three Star competition this past summer, the Bromont CCI, in Canada. That huge win qualified the pair for Rolex this spring, an essential component in qualifying for the Canadian WEG team.

Photo: Shannon Brinkman

Managing both her own riding goals and those of her students, Bennett relies on the excellent help of assistant Natalia Gurmankin. An eventer who competes her own two horses, Gurmankin is the type of whom, “you ask her to do something and you can consider it done, along with some other things you didn’t think to ask.” The Utah native succeeds Allie Slusher, who had been Bennett’s assistant and remains another close friend and fellow competitor.

Bennett is proud to carry the West Coast eventing flag on the national and international stage. She credits the region’s show managers and course designers as instrumental in enabling her and her contemporaries to be so competitive. “There’s always been an unspoken competition between East and West Coast riders,” she observes. “The East is really competitive and has always had a ton of horses at the upper levels. We are finally getting the numbers up out here and I think any of our top horse/rider pairs can go out and be really competitive anywhere.”

Robert Kellerhouse is “the epitome of unbelievable,” Bennett says of the Galway Downs events organizer. The Baxter family at Twin Rivers, Carolyn Hoffos at Copper Meadows and Margie Malloy at Three Day Ranch have also played big parts in the success of our area’s riders, Bennett adds.

For more information on any aspect of the Hawley Bennett Eventing program or to inquire about upcoming Buck Davidson clinics (which feature free auditing), call Hawley Bennett at 951-852-8556 or visit