Monday, February 1, 2010

Hawley to be a Featured Riders on the Rolex Website!

Follow the action with Hawley & 3 other top level competitors as they train for their big moment at the Rolex 3 Day Event!  Hawley will be featured alongside Bruce Davidson, Leslie Law & Kelly Prather, as the public is given an inside peak into the training methods of these top riders & how they prepare for the challenges of this international event.

Hawley's first blog has been submitted (please see below) or you can follow along on the Rolex Website.

Come join the excitement as we (her cheering committee) gear up to see Hawley take on Rolex!!

D.O.B.: May 4th 2000
D.O.B.: MAY 6TH 1977

"I started riding at Kingsway Farm in Temecula California 5 years ago.  I fell in love with the Southern California weather immediately, and made Kingsway my “training home”. While there, I saw a beautiful, spunky, little mare known as Gin & Juice.  She caught my attention right away as she was walking around on her hind legs, then leaping through the air!!  I had never seen such an athletic little horse before!!!  I thought to myself, “I hope she doesn’t do those ‘tricks’ when she is ridden!!!”
Little did I know, that spring, I would get the ride on Gin and Juice!!!

(Pictured above on Ginny winning at Bromont 2009)

Over the next five years, “Ginny” and I began to build a bond.  The little mare has definitely taught me patience, how to ride a buck, sent me to the hospital 3 times when I didn’t stay on for the buck, and then  last year my first CCI Three Star win at Bromont!!!!  Ginny is only 16 hands, which is great for me as I am not that tall. Ginny is like a little sports car!!!  She has all the movement to win the dressage, is extremely fast and careful cross country, and doesn’t like to hit the rails in show jumping!!  She has been very competitive through her career so far, and I have some big goals that I would love to attain with her!  (Pictured with Shannon at Bromont)

During January we get back to work!! Ginny had a bit of a break after a long year.  We get to start the year off right with a Buck Davidson clinic!!!  Buck is one of my great friends, and a fantastic coach. I also  get to ride with the wonderful Ian Stark at the Galway Downs Fundraiser Clinic.  I LOVE having lessons, especially when you get taught by the best in the world!!!  Our first event will be at the end of January, Open Intermediate at Galway.  It is hard to believe that the season has begun….only a couple of months till we make the drive East to Kentucky!!
(Hawley, Ginny & Ian Stark)

Riding at Rolex is the dream of many riders.  I have been lucky enough to have had 4 amazing clean trips around the Kentucky Horse Park with my long time partner Livingstone.  Livingstone has been a part of my life for the last 16 years, 10 of which he competed at the Advanced level.  I decided last fall that Livingstone, AKA “Hank” should be retired from upper level eventing.  By no means is he ready to be fully “retired”, so I found the perfect home for him.  Allie Slusher, who helped me at many three day events (and did her first Advanced last year on my beloved Hank), has a great student (pictured here on the right with Brea) who now will get to learn from Hank. As a tear runs down my cheek, I know that he has the best care and is so happy in his new job.  I hope Brea gets to learn as much as I have over the years.  Hank is my horse of a lifetime and I hope the lessons I have learned from him, will help me when I ride at Rolex this spring with my young mare Ginny.  Hank will begin his eventing career with Brea Hall this spring at the Galway Downs horse trials, Novice."

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