Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bubbles and Rolex!

     It has been an incredible start to the 2013 show season for all of us at Hawley Bennett Eventing! Just coming off an incredible weekend at Twin Rivers! I was so thrilled to be tied on my Brother and Sister horses Ginny and Chunky after dressage and both finished the weekend very well, with Ginny winning a competitive Advanced and Chunky finishing seventh adding just one rail and a few time faults to his score! My young horses are all coming along very nicely, and I would like to extend a special thank you to the owners who make it all possible! I couldn’t be happier with how my Chunky and Ginny are doing as Rolex approaches…how is it almost here already?
        So much goes into getting ready for a four star event like this, so I am staying focused and making sure that everything is being done to make sure both Ginny and Chunky are in top shape, although especially Ginny has a great deal of natural fitness just being the wild woman she is. With the help of my amazing sponsors I know we will be looking and competing at our best. I would like to welcome Bardsley Products, JoJo Sox and Flair Nasal Strips to the list of my incredible sponsors. I am so excited about these products and know my horses will be sparkling at the jogs, and competing to peak performance as a result of adding them to my team.
        Probably the biggest news this month has been welcoming my newest horse Bubbles to the team! Veuve Clicquot AKA Bubbles is a 2006 TB gelding and I am so excited about this new partnership. Bubbles and I will be aiming for the CCI* at Galway Downs in November! My long-term goal for this very special horse is to compete at the Pan Ams in Toronto. I’m looking forward to celebrating many successes with Bubble in the future, with some Veuve Clicquot! I can’t thank my friend and coach Buck Davidson enough for helping me find this amazing horse!
      As always I couldn't accomplish any of my dreams without the help of my amazing team at HBE and my wonderful sponsors and husband! Can’t wait to see what this season will bring! Watch out for Ginny and Chunky at Rolex and GO HBE!