Monday, April 25, 2011

Coming Home Wednesday!

I've been keeping up with Hawley via Facebook & I'm happy to say she seems to be coming away from Badminton with a positive experience.  We will all be waiting for the final report from Hawley & crew about the entire trip once she returns on Wednesday.  I'm traveling down to Rolex, so until then, here is the last update from Facebook!

Wow!! I just watched the master of eventing win Badminton!!! Ginny jumped a super round and feels like a million bucks! Will be home Wednesday!!! ... Fundraising for Burghley will begin!!!!!!!!! Thanks to everyone for all the good wishes, it means alot :) xoxo

Friday, April 22, 2011

Off to An Amazing Start!

Out of 38 riders, Hawley & Ginny stand in a solid 12th place!!

Partial results below, or click here for the full results!


13RAYEFLaura Collett23177.00%23076.67%22073.33%75.67%36.51
52CALMA SCHELLYMarina Kohncke (GER)22073.33%22274.00%21973.00%73.44%39.8+3.32
36CARRERASusanna Bordone (ITA)21471.33%21371.00%21571.67%71.33%43.0+6.53
32FRH BUTTS ABRAXXASIngrid Klimke (GER)21471.33%21170.33%21571.67%71.11%43.3+6.84
49LE PRINCE DES BOISKai Ruder (GER)21471.33%20969.67%20869.33%70.11%44.8+8.35
58PHOEBUSLaurence Hunt21270.67%21070.00%20568.33%69.67%45.5+9.06
35MISTER POOHNiklas Lindback (SWE)20468.00%20568.33%21170.33%68.89%46.7+10.27
5AVEBURYAndrew Nicholson (NZL)20668.67%20568.33%20668.67%68.56%47.2+10.78
24NAVIGATORWilliam Fox-Pitt21170.33%20367.67%20167.00%68.33%47.5+11.09
59KILPATRICK RIVERElizabeth Power (IRL)20267.33%20869.33%20468.00%68.22%47.7+11.210
31PARDON ME IIEmily Llewellyn20167.00%19966.33%20267.33%66.89%49.7+13.211
55GIN & JUICEHawley Bennett-Awad (CAN)19765.67%19866.00%20468.00%66.56%50.2+13.712
57COMANCHEJames Robinson19765.67%19264.00%19765.67%65.11%52.3+15.813
60LAW CHOICEFlora Harris19464.67%19665.33%19364.33%64.78%52.8+16.314
30HAVENIR D'AZACKarim Laghouag (FRA)20066.67%19163.67%18862.67%64.34%53.5+17.015

Monday, April 18, 2011

Schedule & Live Website TV Coverage!

Please pass this link on to anyone you know who might want to watch...........
For anyone who is interested in watching Badminton next week here's the schedule:
Jog on Thursday
Dressage Fri/Sat
x-c Sunday
Stadium Monday

Remember they are 8 hours ahead of us PST & 6 hours ahead EST.  
All details of ride times, start times, etc, will be posted on Badminton website,
after jog Thurs:
Thank you to my cousin Chris in England who found this for me.
Ginny/Hawley arrived safe, well, no problems in England and they are training, preparing for move to actual site on next Wednesday.

Let the fun begin!

Sincerely, Gerry B

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Arrived in Amsterdam!!

Hawley's sent more pics & Gamal just sent me they're Skype it looks like we're gearing up for communication for the big event!!
The Chunnel!
Sleepy In Amsterdam!
 Grass At Last!!

Friday, April 15, 2011


The countdown is over as Ginny is loaded on the transport box to go to Amsterdam!!
Hawley will continue to keep everyone on the edge of their seat during they're adventures at Badminton, so stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Friendly Competition!!

Score Reversal: Alexandra Slusher and Last Call win Galway

[via USEA]

After spending over an hour with Hawley Bennet and Gin & Juice winning, the Galway scores have been officially reversed, giving the victory to Alexandra Slusher and Last Call. The word from the Galway secretary office is that Ali and Last Call left the start box 2 seconds early, and they were originally given 5 seconds worth of time penalties because a false start is 2 time penalties under national competition laws.  However, the FEI rules do not have the same false start penalty rule and, since it was a CIC3* division, the two penalties do not apply.  I spoke with Hawley and she explained to me that under FEI rules there is no penalty for leaving the box early without the demonstrated intent to get a head start.  The two penalties have been taken away, giving Ali the lead and moving Hawley and Gin & Juice into second.

[Full Galway Results

As I mentioned earlier, Ali is a student of Hawley's so the final scores are just a formality among friends, and the important thing is that the final final scores are correct according to the rules.   Hawley had a tremendous weekend and also won the CIC2* on Gin & Juice's full brother.  I'm off to watch some college basketball and, unless there is another scoring reversal giving Jimmy Wofford the Galway win, Coren has EN under control until the morning.  Go eventing.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hawley Cleans Up at Galway!!!

Straight off of Facebook.........
What a great day!!! Ponies were awesome!! Little Chunky was a superstar and Gin & juice kept it together in the dress and jump a clean sj! Super proud of ALL my students.....go to bed and think of clean Xc and sj rounds !!!!

Great to see Hawley on top of both the 2 and 3 star, with Allie in a close 2nd.  Can't wait for the photos!!

Live Results