Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Top Riders Use Ecogold Saddle Pads at Burghley CCI4*

For Immediate Release: Top Riders Use  Ecogold Saddle Pads at Burghley CCI4*

Media Contact: Amber Heintzberger, 828-289-0658, amberwriter@aol.com

England - 29 August, 2011 - Top riders competing at The Land Rover Burghley
Horse Trials CCI4* in England will have something in common: their ECOGOLD
saddle pads. ECOGOLD North American sponsored riders at this year's Burghley
Horse Trials CCI**** include Sinead Halpin, Boyd Martin, Kyle Carter,
Jessica Phoenix and Hawley Bennett. ECOGOLD is also supplying saddle pads to
the Land Rover US Eventing Teams competing at Burghley and Blenheim
(England), Boekelo (the Netherlands) and the Pan-Am Games (Mexico). 
"Christmas came early to Gladstone; the boxes kept coming!" said Sara Ike,
Managing Director of Eventing for the USEF. "Our Land Rover Eventing Team
will be using crisp new saddle pads. ECOGOLD went above and beyond." 

Ecogold Saddle Pads are also used by Burghley competitors William Fox-Pitt,
Lucinda Fredericks, Hamish Cargill and Dag Albert. "The ECOGOLD Saddle Pads
are fast becoming a competition favourite for me," said William Fox-Pitt,
World and British leading Three-Day Event Rider. "It is imperative that my
horses remain comfortable during their work and the fantastic non-slip,
breathable fabric ensures just that, whilst also looking extremely smart." 

The choice of leading three-day event riders, the ECOGOLD Secure Saddle pad
is specially designed to improve the safety, comfort and performance of
horse and rider. This means no slipping and no sliding, even in the worst

"In addition to our sponsorship of individual riders, it is a great honour
to supply the US and Canadian Eventing Team's official saddle pads for
international competitions. It proves a great confidence in ECOGOLD
products," said Marketing Director Patricia Da Silva of ECOGOLD.

"We absolutely love riding in the ECOGOLD pads," said Lucinda Fredericks.
"Whilst being cool and breathable for the horse, the non-slip properties
mean they sit brilliantly on the horse and distribute any pressure evenly. I
can't recommend them highly enough!" 

The 100% breathable high-density foam in the seat area protects the horse's
back from impact without adding extra bulk while the ergonomic shape and
ultra-thin flaps provide the rider with a more stable position. The
high-tech, 100% breathable materials quickly evaporate moisture away,
keeping the horse cool and dry, even on the hottest days.

About Ecogold 
ECOGOLD is a Canadian textile engineering company making innovative saddle
pads and horse boots to improve your horses' safety, comfort and
performance. For more information or to order ECOGOLD saddle pads, please
visit www.ecogold.ca or call 1-866-432-6465.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Until Our Next Update

I'm on Martha's Vineyard, waiting to hear more from Hawley on Ginny's travels.  In the event that we lose power out on the island & I'm offline for a few days, I wanted to put up this post from Eventing Nation & the pics that Hawley sent me via Facebook!!


Burghley Travels

Icarus and Parker landed happily in the land of fish and chips

The travels to England for the North American Burghley horses are nearly over.  Kyle Carter's Madison Park and Michael Pollard's Icarus landed safely in England Thursday afternoon.  The only remaining horse en route is Hawley Bennett's Gin & Juice.  Ginny left the west coast today in good spirits and will land in Amsterdam and then ship to England on Friday.

Ginny weighed in at 468kg for her pre-flight weight 

Goodbye from Mom!

A second goodbye from Mom!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thanks to Horse Junkies for This One!

Burghley Horses: Ten Fun Facts about Hawley Bennett’s Gin & Juice

August 9, 2011 6:30 pm Posted by Patricia under Burghley Horse Trials

Awwww....Ginny hearts Hawley and vice-versa
A few weeks away from the Burghley Horse Trials, everyone is excited for the competition to start.

At HJU, we’ve decided to lighten things up and feature some of the horses that will be at this prestigious event, not as top level competitors but as horses – with their unique quirks and personalities.

This series also shows that horses at the top level of the sport are loved by their riders (and grooms) not only for what they do, but for who they are.

Our second Burghley “spotlight” horse is Hawley Bennett’s Gin & Juice, her WEG 2010 partner and recent winner of the Rebecca Farm CIC*** .

Thank you Hawley for sharing these with us!
From Hawley:

Horse: Gin & Juice
Barn name: Ginny
Born: 2000
Nationality: American, but very proud to represent Canada
Color: Bay
Sex: Mare
Breed: Thoroughbred
Owner: Hawley Bennett and Linda Paine
Rider: Hawley Bennett

1. Ginny wishes every day were Cross-Country Day!

2. I got the ride on Ginny because of her personality… which could be described as “a crazy mare”. As a spunky 5 year-old, she was competing at the Novice level and the person who rode her, had had enough and just handed me the reins at a show. I hopped on, rode her, we won the class and the rest is history!

3. If I ever have kids, Ginny will have taught me patience. I have been bucked off and hit the dirt more times than I can count, and have to jump-school her in full XC gear.

4. Ginny is extremely talented and athletic. Like a gymnast, she can move her body, turn and twist effortlessly. This is why she is so good cross-country, but bad because she can get me off in a second!!

A tomboy who looks cute in pink....
5. Ginny was bred at Kingsway Farm in Temecula, Ca. by Terry and Linda Paine, where we are still based.

6. During the day, she is the “Queen of the Turnout”, living in a field with 10 other horses that she bosses around. She has always lived outdoors, so I don’t want to change anything in her lifestyle.

7. Ginny decides when she comes in from the field… much to the chagrin of Natalia (her groom) and I!!

8. Ginny is like the Energizer bunny! I have to ride her 4 times before a dressage test… and after cross-country, she still has plenty of fuel in the tank. She doesn’t get tired. The Burghley hilly terrain will suit her perfectly.

9. I would describe her as a little tomboy, who can clean up really well! She loves getting muddy and dirty, but can clean up and run with the best of them.

10. She LOVES life and LOVES her job. She’s a very happy little horse! She has no idea that she’s only 15.3… some days, she thinks she’s King Kong!

Ginny and I are a fantastic combination. Years of sweat, blood and tears are paying off. It has been a long road with plenty of bumps, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I think this is why Ginny and I have such a strong bond. We can’t wait to get to Burghley – where our goal is to have a quiet dressage test, clean and fast cross-country and finish in the top 5.

If you want to support Hawley and Ginny, or simply are looking for the coolest new equestrian fashion accessory – here’s the Gin & Juice Burghley Hat. It is available in white or navy and if you wear it at Burghley, you’ll be an instant hit and all the Canucks will come up to you and say eh!

To get one (they are $30 + shipping), contact Gamal via email here or by phone/text 951-551-2132.

Gin & Juice Burghley hats (me wants one)

Go Canada!!!  Go Hawley!!!!!!

Ok, couldn't resist. I just bought one!!!!
For more information about Hawley and Ginny – visit Hawley Bennett Eventing

Hawley and Ginny, we wish you safe travels to England (they’re leaving on August 26 via Amsterdam and the Chunnel). All Horse Junkies will be cheering you on for a fantastic Burghley finish…and a cross-country ride like this one!