Friday, August 26, 2011

Until Our Next Update

I'm on Martha's Vineyard, waiting to hear more from Hawley on Ginny's travels.  In the event that we lose power out on the island & I'm offline for a few days, I wanted to put up this post from Eventing Nation & the pics that Hawley sent me via Facebook!!


Burghley Travels

Icarus and Parker landed happily in the land of fish and chips

The travels to England for the North American Burghley horses are nearly over.  Kyle Carter's Madison Park and Michael Pollard's Icarus landed safely in England Thursday afternoon.  The only remaining horse en route is Hawley Bennett's Gin & Juice.  Ginny left the west coast today in good spirits and will land in Amsterdam and then ship to England on Friday.

Ginny weighed in at 468kg for her pre-flight weight 

Goodbye from Mom!

A second goodbye from Mom!


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