Wednesday, September 14, 2011

International Tour: From Burghley to the Pan Ams!!

Thanks to Horse Junkies for their awesome coverage of Burghley, with the above picture & multiple interviews that they conducted of our Canadian team.  They did a knock out job!!

Ginny is home taking a big long break, while Hawley & Chunky start to get geared up for their appearance  at the Pan Am Games!!  I checked in with Hawley this week, and although she's a bit disappointed in the 20 points on XC (yes, she's gone over this a thousand times in her mind), she is so happy that has proven that they can compete with the best in the world!  

Hawley is also so thankful to her coach and friend, Buck Davidson, for taking the time to come over to support she and Ginny.  He has been an integral part to her team since the beginning of her relationship with Ginny & that commitment has had a huge impression on her partnership with this little mare.  Ginny is now under strict orders from Buck to stay turned out through October so she can get fat & have a well deserved break!!

The focus now shifts to Ginny's little brother FiveO'clockSomewhere, otherwise known as Chunky, who seems to be upstaging his nickname.  In preparation for the Pan Am Games, he will go to Twin Rivers in two weeks, and then he ships out to Training Camp in Ocala on 10/4.  Coach David and Jess will keep him in work during the first few days of camp (nice teamwork) until Hawley arrives on the 10th.  She'll be back in the tack till they leave for Guadalajara, Mexico on 10/14....So, keep an eye on the action through the game's official website & cheer on the Canadian team!

Hawley also wishes to thank Natalia for her continuous support and for taking additional time off to travel with her to the games.  Natalia is such a dedicated friend & groom, which makes all the difference competing at this level.  She's also been having her own competitive success with a 2nd place finish at her first prelim at Copper Meadows on Legate!! 

Buck will also be heading back out to Kingsway Farm for a 2 day clinic October 31st & November 1st, and spots are limited so contact Hawley if you want to schedule your time. 

We'll keep everyone informed on FB and on this blog, so check back often for updates on the Pan Am Games!!     

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hawley Bennett and Jessica Phoenix, Thrilled with Burghley and Look Forward to the PanAms

Hawley and Jessie thrilled with Burghley!!!
I was able to catch up with Hawley and Jessie earlier this afternoon (UK time – morning in North America) after they had completed their first Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials.
They were both happy and excited about their entire experience and couldn’t be more thrilled with their horses’ performances. Exponential and Gin and Juice will now have a well-deserved break.
Hawley and Jessica were already looking forward to the Pan American Games that will take place at the end of October in Guadalajara, Mexico and they also discussed their preparation for 2012.
Hawley Bennett and Jessica Phoenix Recap their Burghley Experience

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thank You Horse Junkies!!

I want to thank Patricia at Ecogold & her new fabulous blog, Horse Junkies, for their support of Hawley while she and Ginny are competing their hearts out at Burghley!!  Being on vacation on Martha's Vineyard without internet connection or cell has been a blessing and a kudos to Patricia for keeping me in the loop & providing such great coverage of Hawley & Ginny!!

I know most of you have been keeping up with Hawley on Facebook, but here is a recap of her cross country round through the eye of her helmet cam, courtesy of Horse Junkies!  Can't wait to see how well tthey do tomorrow.

Helmet Cam Alert! Hawley Bennett and Gin and Juice’s Cross-Country at Burghley

Hawley and Ginny - photo by Calina
Earlier this week, Elizabeth Power (who is riding Kilpatrick River this weekend) remarked that the 2011 Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials course was huge and would require a scopey horse. After five hours of cross-country, I think we can safely say that it turns out that Power was entirely correct.
Fortunately,  Hawley Bennett was aboard her super jumping mare, Gin & Juice, better known as Ginny. Together they tackled the  nearly 12 minutes long course in style. Despite an unfortunate glance off midcourse, Ginny and Hawley were impressive and  quick across the ground and jumped the wide oxers without issue.
Best of all….. Hawley was wearing her helmet cam and her super hubby Gamal came to the press office as soon as she was done, and uploaded the video on Patricia’s computer.
It took a couple of hours where we learned: #1. How awesome Gamal is #2. that he speaks French perfectly.
Gamal commented after Hawley’s ride: “By walking the course, it gives me perspective and it gives me great comfort that she considers all options available and incorporates it in her overall strategy. Considering how tough the course was, Hawley was overall pleased with her ride.”
OK, without further ado…. here’s “our own Canuck” Hawley Bennett-Awad and her fabulous little mare Gin and Juice, going around the biggest 4* track that they had ever faced. Go Hawley!!!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011



Thanks to the Burghley Horse Trials website for this fun excerpt, and to our friend Allie Conrad at CANTER Mid-Atlantic for this fabulous photo of our favorite duo during dressage!  Fingers crossed for their run on XC!!
This year is the first time that California-based Canadian Hawley Bennett-Awad has competed at The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials. Hawley (34) is however no stranger to the big time; last year with Gin & Juice she was a member of the Canadian team that impressed to win team silver at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky. Earlier this year the pair came over to compete at Badminton and Hawley gained her first Badminton completion. 
Gin & Juice AKA Ginny, is one of the ten mares that are competing at Burghley and at only 15.3hh is one of the four smallest horses. “She might not be big but she thinks she is King Kong,” said Hawley of the Thoroughbred mare that was bred by Linda and Terry Paine owners of Kingsway Farm in Temecula where Hawley in based. “She is a feisty mare and one of the most athletic horses I have sat on and the one I want to be on for my first Burghley.” 

Hawley began riding Ginny when she was a ‘spunky’ five-year-old and the pair rose quickly through the grades. In 2009 they won the Canadian Bromont CCI**** and the following year was 17th at Lexington CCI**** gaining selection for the team for the World Equestrian Games and Ginny was awarded the USEA ‘Mare of the Year’ award. “That award is very special to me – she is such a little rock star,” said Hawley who trains with Buck Davison. 

Hawley and Ginny have travelled over from California especially for Burghley and will return home next Wednesday. “Within a week she will be grazing in the field with her friends,” said Hawley who first of all has to concentrate on the cross-country course. “Everyone is saying how big it is but for us the bigger the better and I’m excited and looking forward to getting out of the start box on Saturday.” 

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