Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thank You Horse Junkies!!

I want to thank Patricia at Ecogold & her new fabulous blog, Horse Junkies, for their support of Hawley while she and Ginny are competing their hearts out at Burghley!!  Being on vacation on Martha's Vineyard without internet connection or cell has been a blessing and a kudos to Patricia for keeping me in the loop & providing such great coverage of Hawley & Ginny!!

I know most of you have been keeping up with Hawley on Facebook, but here is a recap of her cross country round through the eye of her helmet cam, courtesy of Horse Junkies!  Can't wait to see how well tthey do tomorrow.

Helmet Cam Alert! Hawley Bennett and Gin and Juice’s Cross-Country at Burghley

Hawley and Ginny - photo by Calina
Earlier this week, Elizabeth Power (who is riding Kilpatrick River this weekend) remarked that the 2011 Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials course was huge and would require a scopey horse. After five hours of cross-country, I think we can safely say that it turns out that Power was entirely correct.
Fortunately,  Hawley Bennett was aboard her super jumping mare, Gin & Juice, better known as Ginny. Together they tackled the  nearly 12 minutes long course in style. Despite an unfortunate glance off midcourse, Ginny and Hawley were impressive and  quick across the ground and jumped the wide oxers without issue.
Best of all….. Hawley was wearing her helmet cam and her super hubby Gamal came to the press office as soon as she was done, and uploaded the video on Patricia’s computer.
It took a couple of hours where we learned: #1. How awesome Gamal is #2. that he speaks French perfectly.
Gamal commented after Hawley’s ride: “By walking the course, it gives me perspective and it gives me great comfort that she considers all options available and incorporates it in her overall strategy. Considering how tough the course was, Hawley was overall pleased with her ride.”
OK, without further ado…. here’s “our own Canuck” Hawley Bennett-Awad and her fabulous little mare Gin and Juice, going around the biggest 4* track that they had ever faced. Go Hawley!!!!!

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