Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hawley is Selected to Carry the Olympic Torch in 2010!

It is truly an honor to carry the Olympic Torch and Hawley Bennett has been selected in 2010.

Hawley first entered the contest back in 1988, only 11 years old at that time, to carry the torch through Langley. Entrants had to write a speech about why they wanted to carry it, and what it meant to them, and present the speech several times.

Out of 500 contestants, she was one of three finalists and gave her speech in front of 1,000 people at Langley Civic Centre. She lost, but was runner up — and was so disappointed, as she was already so focused on getting to Olympics one day, a goal she attained with her equine partner, Livingstone in Athens 2004.

Now another dream comes true. She gets to carry the torch, and honour all that it symbolizes. And as a bonus runners get the opportunity to buy and keep their torch.

Locals are disappointed that she is not carrying the torch in Langley, because it is her hometown where she and Livingstone were both born and raised, but she will be carrying it on Feb 9 in Richmond.

The approximate time of her run is 6:58 p.m. Her torchbearer number is: OTR 103-209.

Her part of route is starting along River Road, from the "No stopping" sign, to Richmond Olympic Oval Sign on River Road.

She hopes that riders and other equestrians show up to support our local athlete, Hawley Bennett.

Article courtesy of The AldegroveStar.com

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