Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hawley is going to be sending me a post WEG wrap-up commentary......but I couldn't wait to put up the pictures!  What a weekend......memories for a lifetime!!  LT


  1. It seems to me that this didn't get a lot of press, but Hawley and Ginny finished FIRST in the XC at WEG - double clear and 1 second under the optimum time.

    Pretty amazing Hawley! You are really a world-class eventer. I really don't think Hawley has realized yet that she's one of the best riders in the entire world.

    And she's a really sweet, helpful and modest person, too. You rock Hawley!

    Very best regards,
    Steve Kennedy

  2. I just noticed from the pics above that the WEG hats say "Gin & Juice" with no mention of Hawley.

    That's just typical - WAY too modest. I mean Ginny is a fantastic horse, but Hawley, your PICTURE should be on it, much less your name!

    I'll get mine silkscreened with your pic and send you a photo. LOL : ) Best wishes, Steve K.