Thursday, April 29, 2010

Old News is Still Good News!

I'm back from my maiden voyage to Rolex, with the enviable position of having a press pass to the media area and a stable pass to be backstage with the competitors.  The entire 5 days flew by so quickly and it's back to business as usual for all of us!

Hawley and Ginny were absolute ROCK STARS!!  Their effort here at Rolex was so solid and this little mare never put  a foot wrong.  She cranked around the XC course like she had been doing it all of her young life.  I watched her round from up in the press box, so I got to see every fence and there wasn't an ounce of hesitation in her.  I know that Hawley must be thrilled. With only 1 rail in stadium, they ended on a score of 57.8, securing this duo a 9th position in the money!!

I apologize for lack of pictures on this posting...but I had to leave to catch my plane right before Hawley's stadium round.  I was disappointed, but I did finally get the opportunity to meet Gamal & that rounded out a fabulous weekend indeed.  Next year I'll make sure that I don't fly home until Monday (what a rookie move)!

Can't wait to see these girls perform at the WEG.  They're in prime form!!

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