Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last Update Before the Real Action at Rolex!!

The format was changed for the CIC's at Galway. This meant that we would do dressage and show jumping on Friday and then go cross country in reverse order on Saturday.  The dressage ring was set literally across the street from Ginny's field!!!  Considering how distracted she was, she put in a decent test.  I would have loved to have scored in the 40's with her, but I had a 10 point difference in her scores. 

Friday afternoon in the show jumping, she was amazing!!!  We jumped a beautiful, relaxed double clean round!!! Good girl Ginny!!!  Saturday was a little different scenario for me...I have never gone cross country in reverse order before!! Robert Kellerhouse, the organizer of Galway, wanted a more exciting day for spectators, and more pressure for the leader!!!!  Before I left the box, only 1 person had jumped clean and in time. Jennifer Wooten and her amazing little mare the Good Witch cruised around the course. I gave Ginny a pat on the neck, took a deep breathe and started out on Ian Starks fabulous designed course. There were many challenging, tough questions on the course and some new "animals" that we had to jump as well!!!  I could not have been happier with Ginny!!  She was AMAZING...or as Ian said, 'BRILLIANT!!"  We jumped around with no problems, clean and easily in time!!!  We ended up in third place!!!  That was a great result, but  just as exciting, we moved into first place in the USEA Gold Cup Series!!!  We received "bonus" points because we ended on our dressage score!! Ginny got many carrots and was very happy to return "home" with her friends in the field!!

There are only a few more sleeps till the "big" weekend!!  (Yeah!!!!!!)  Ginny and I will be flying out to Rolex with TexSutton Airlines. (Thank you Greg!!!)  It is so much easier to travel by air and get there in three hours from California, instead of three days!!!  It is more expensive to fly, but so worth it!!!  We will be flying out with The Good Witch and out boys, there are 5 fabulous mares coming out from California!!!!  Thank you Evan Haller and his wonderful girlfriend Tonya, who come with smiles to pick us up from the airport with all of our "stuff"  :)

You might see some "Gin & Juice" hats and shirts around Rolex.  We had these made as a fundraiser to help cover the cost of getting to Rolex.  Thank you so much to everyone who helped support us!! :)  It brings a smile to my face to see all the "Gin &  Juice" supporters. 
I am a very lucky girl to have so many amazing friends, supporters and sponsors in my corner.  This adventure could not happened with out you.  Thank you Terry and Linda Paine for being such great friends and owners.  You are both like family to me.  Sue, Mom of the hot chick, thank you for always making me laugh and being such a rock for me.  Natalia, thank you for taking time away from your horses and taking such great care of Ginny.  Allie and Maralee (#1 and #2) thanks for being the best besties a girl could ask for. Nikki, thanks for being such a great support over the years.  Mom and Bro, thanks for the never ending love, I think about you guys everday.  Robert and Erin Kellerhouse, thank you so much for all of your support for the West Coasters!!!! Gamal, thank you for understanding that I have one of the craziest jobs in the world... I love you my SBM!!!  Thank you to everyone involved with Hawley Bennett Eventing. I could not be happier with my life right now and I am so glad to have you all a part of it!! Thank you to all of my sponsors, I know that I am a VERY lucky girl to be sponsored by the best products in the WORLD!!  (Check out all my amazing sponsors at

I am so lucky to being taking part of such a great event for the 5th tim!  Rolex is such an experience and the dream of many to compete at. Jane Atkinson, thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to the sport of eventing and this wonderful event. You will be missed.  :)  I wish Christina Gray the best of luck....even though we wish you were still on the West Coast!!!

Count down on..... Kentucky here we come!!!  I will be the short blonde with the fancy little mare!!! Hope to see ya'll  there with your "Gin & Juice" on!!!

XOXO Hawley and Ginny

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