Friday, September 17, 2010

Adventures of Two Road Warriors!

I was able to catch up with our favorite girls yesterday, as Hawley and Ginny were spending a bit of down time together, relaxing in this beautiful field down in Ocala, courtesy of Mrs. Mars!

Well, it hasn't been this calm and sedate up to this point.  After the conclusion of the AEC's, Hawley and Ginny had quite an adventure on their last evening at Chattahoochee Hills.  When Hawley went back to the barn to do a bed check on Ginny, she arrived to find her stall absolutely empty!!  She searched the adjacent area, but Ginny was no where to be found.  Ginny, the little devil, had escaped into the wide open space surrounding Carl Bouckaert's fantastic facility. There are some drawbacks to tracking down a fit 4* horse on such an expansive piece of land!!

According to Hawley, she did feel the need to work off her last meal, but taking a walk for over 2 miles to track down her coveted WEG partner was not what she had in mind. After finally finding her in the dark by finally hearing her knicker, this pair was reunited. Phew!!

The girls are now safely down in Ocala, enjoying the generosity of Mrs. Mars who is keeping them safe on her farm.  They had a fun jump school today & a little gallop.  Hawley will check back in periodically on her road to the WEG.

Cheers!  LT

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