Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's Show Time!!

Yesterday was another entertaining day in Lexington!!! The mornings alway start at the hotel with we were learning new words from Kyle and Jessica. I was laughing so hard, my cheeks hurt!!  We then get taken by "shuttle" with our excellent driver "Pedro", AKA Graeme Thom to the show grounds.  This is also another highlight of my day, as Kyle and Selena keep going at each other.....which leads to another case of sore cheeks!! It is so nice to be a part of such a great team! Everyone gets along, which is a lot said with 5 girl riders and 6 girl grooms!!!

Once at the barn we did a quick jog of the horses and all looked great.  I decided that I would do some dressage with Ginny.  At the briefing in the morning we were told that we were permitted to compete in dressage with ear bonnets!!  Good thing because Ginny LOVES her "blue thinking cap"!!  

I wish I could have gone in the competition ring today,  as Ginny was so good!  I kept going thru all of the lessons I have had with my amazing dressage coach Nikki Zamora and we had a great ride because of that.  From 12 - 1 we were then aloud to "work" in the main ring, where we will compete.  This sounds like it would be a great idea, until you put 85 fit event horses in a ring together!  Needless to say, I rode Ginny in there for about 10 min and then quietly left. :)  I stayed on which made me happy!!!

I got to walk the XC in the afternoon and WOW!!!!  What an amazing job they have done here as every fence looks awesome!!  By fence 2 (They wiskey barrel table) you know you are on a WEG course!!!  It is very big and technical with a ton of corners.  The head of the lake has a very narrow angle brush in with a ditch in front...never jumped one of those before!!!  There are many tough questions and I will be walking the course again tomorrow with both Buck and Coach David!  After the excitement of walking the course, I ventured up to the Main Ring for the last few Team Dressage horses.  

I am so lucky to have seen Totalis perform live.  As soon as he came into the main ring, I got goosebumps!!  I am not a dressage expert by any means, but this horse is so much better than everyone else it is crazy!! Upon finishing he got a standing ovation from the crowd!!  I can not wait for his freestyle on Friday!!!  The evening was finished with Ravel performing for the USA... again, an amazing ride!!!  These horses make it look so easy and effortless, actually making dressage look fun!!!

We had a great "team" dinner with all of the grooms and riders, which has proven to be so important!!  It all starts tomorrow...Jog at 9am. Canada drew 20th as a country so we should be jogging around 10:30 am.  So excited and still can't believe I am riding at WEG!!! :)  

Can't wait to see my SBM!!!!  5 weeks is WAY to long!!! So happy the West Coast Peeps are starting to arrive :)

Good luck to all!!

xoxo Hawley and Ginny  :)

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