Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rebecca Farms and the Road to the WEG

From Sarah:
As the countdown to the World Equestrian Games began, Gin & Juice spent some time at her Auntie Robyn Fisher's while Hawley coached Area VI at Young Riders. Since Hawley had to head straight from Kentucky to Rebecca Farms in Montana, Chloe and I packed up the trailer and made a quick pitstop in L.A. to pick up Ginny and meet up with Robyn's crew. By midnight we were on the road with three trailers and ten horses. 24 hours and a layover in Salt Lake City later, we arrived at the prestigious Event at Rebecca Farms. Our precious cargo arrived happy and healthy. Hawley's first ride of the weekend, High Duty, ran the N3D and put in a beautiful dressage test to put them in the lead, which they held onto throughout the weekend to take home the blue!

Rebecca served as Ginny's last prep run before a little show in France A.K.A. The World Equestrian Games. To prepare for dressage day we tried a technique recommended by Uncle Buck- of lunging, which seemed to have paid off, as Hawley and Ginny led the CIC3* division after dressage! Since this was Ginny's first cross-country run since Rolex, Hawley's focus was to make Ginny rideable and get her 'feet wet.’ Their run put them into third going into show jumping after incurring a few time faults. The show jumping arena was packed with spectators and Ginny entered the arena fired up on Sunday. She unfortunately took down a handful of rails but still ended the weekend with an exciting fourth place finish!

We packed up, loaded the horses, and began the long haul home on Sunday afternoon, driving through the night before stopping at our halfway point. We finally arrived home at 1:30 AM on Tuesday from what was simultaneously an exhilarating and exhausting trip to Rebecca Farms!

After a few days of recuperation time for the horses and ourselves, we headed to a local jumper show the following weekend for some practice and fine-tuning. Now, with less than a week left before we head across the pond, the Juicer and a few of her friends went up to L.A. for some "round and fluffy" dressage lessons with Robyn Fisher. Only days away from takeoff and with less than three weeks until the start of competition in Normandy, it's time for the final countdown to begin.... Gulp!

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