Wednesday, August 20, 2014

LAX-->AMS--> Maizey Manor

From Sarah:
LAX-->AMS--> Maizey Manor 

After two weeks of packing and repacking several times, it was finally time to head across the pond. We had to make a quick stop down the street from KingsWay before departing for LAX with Ginny. We went to pick  up "Quinberry", ridden by Bill Norwood, who will be representing Australia in Reining at the World Equestrian Games. Once all the equipment was loaded, we headed to LAX to drop off the horses at JetPets for the night, before flying to Amsterdam Thursday afternoon.  

We arrived at Jet Pets late Thursday morning to board Ginny & Quinberry onto the pallet, and then we were off to the airport. Once boarded, and 10 hours later, we made it to Amsterdam! Bill and I walked to the KLM cargo port, and waited patiently for the vets to arrive before we could take the horses off the pallets. Once the vet check was complete I was able to put Ginny in a stall to rest until Jessica Phoenix and her groom Sandra Andresen, and Selena O'Hanlon's groom Anne-Marie Duarte and their horses arrived. Finally, after just over 6 hours of waiting, we loaded all the equipment and horses onto the lorry and we were off to England!

We arrived around at Maizey Manor somewhere around 1AM, where team training camp will be held for the next week before heading to Normandy. We unloaded the horses and equipment, tucked in the ponies for the night and were finally off to bed after a long 2 days of travel. 

Our alarms came way too quickly the next morning! With just a few hours of sleep and a little jet lag, we got up and took care of the ponies who all looked great and happy to be here. Once we met our riders at the barn and everything was cleaned and organized we headed into the little town of Barborough for an English breakfast. 

While the horses were turned out in the luscious green grass fields for a few hours (which they very much enjoyed) the team discussed a few things for the coming week and our team gear was handed out. 

Hawley, Selena, and Jessie set out on finding jog outfits, while a few of us had a cup of tea and an afternoon nap... 

It's beautiful here in England, and the horses all look great, lessons and gallops are planned for the week, and some team activities as well!

Part of Team Canada in Amsterdam

Ginny on the lorry headed to England

We have arrived!

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