Monday, February 9, 2015

HBE Kicks Off 2015 Season at Galway Downs

HBE Kicks Off 2015 

Hawley Bennett Eventing had a fabulous start to the season, competing at the Galway Downs Winter HT. Hawley competed Bodark in the Open Preliminary division and he had a terrific first show of the season. Hawley was also lucky enough to compete Ina McRoy's young gelding, Cheval De Tonnerre, in the Training division. Hawley and Frenchie proved they are a great team, winning the division from start to finish. Frenchie will be moving up to Preliminary level, with eyes on a 1* at the end of the 2015 season. Hawley cannot wait to see what the future has in store for this incredible horse and is so grateful to Ina for the chance to ride him!

Another new member to HBE is Dinero, a stunning Thoroughbred Gelding who is truly a pleasure to ride. He has all the look of an upper-level event horse; he is extremely talented, a super jumper, and great mover. Dinero and Hawley made their eventing debut together at Galway and it went fantastically. This talented horse is also for sale.

HBE has been busy welcoming new horses this month, and is happy to have Denny in the barn as a sale horse. Carpe Diem aka "Denny" is a 2009 16.2 hand bay Warmblood cross by Grand Prix Show jumper Capone. Denny is extremely talented with a superb canter and a big jump! Denny will be in professional training until sold. 

HBE could not be happier and prouder of super groom, Sarah Braun, who was back competing on her beloved mare, Candy. It's been a long road to recovery after Candy had colic surgery last year but this pair never gave up and seeing them back in action was the highlight of the weekend. Not only did Sarah compete Candy, she has also been fortunate enough to have the ride on Talan, a young TB owned by  Dr. Korin Potenza & Dr. Nick Huggons. Both horses competed in the Preliminary Rider division and finished in the top ten! Congratulations Sarah!

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