Friday, October 21, 2011

Eventing Nation Update on Pan Ams

Shannon Lilley moved into 5th with a 49.3

Shannon Lilley and Ballingowan Pizzaz put together a lovely test that showed off "Mango's" considerable movement and precision.  I felt they deserved a better score than the 49.3 that they received, but you can be the judge in the above video.  Riders throughout the day tried to reach up and catch Jessica Phoenix, but no one could quite get to her.

Team USA had a fabulous day, and USA riders occupy the next 4 spots behind Jessica.  Canada gave themselves a bit of work to do and sit around 10 points back from the USA going into the cross-country.  The dressage was competitive from all nations and the top 20 spots are separated by 15 points going into an incredibly tough challenge tomorrow.

The judges tightened up a bit Friday afternoon and my feeling is that Selena and Foxwood High deserved a better score as well.  Selena produced a lovely relaxed test with Foxwood High.  Foxwood High has been coming on strong for Selena of late and I know Selena is excited to be riding anchor for Canada tomorrow on the cross-country.

Providional Dressage Results:
1. Jessica Phoenix and Pavarotti (CAN)  43.9
2. Michael Pollard and Schensgreen Hanni (USA)  44.5
3. Hannah Burnett and Harbour Pilot (USA)  45.2
4. Buck Davidson and Absolute Liberty (USA)  48.9
5. Shannon Lilley and Ballingowan Pizzaz (USA)  49.3
6. Ruy Fonseca and Tom Bombadill Too (BRA)  50.4
7. Lauren Billys and Ballingowan Ginger (PUR)  50.6
8. Rebecca Howard and Roquefort (CAN)  51.3
9. Ronald Zabala and Mr. Wiseguy (ECU)  52.0
10T. Lynn Symansky and Donner (USA)  52.2
10T. Selena O'Hanlon and Foxwood High (CAN)  52.2
12. Marcio Jorge and Josephine (BRA)  52.8
13. Hawley Bennett and Five O'Clock Somewhere (CAN)  53.2
14. Frenando Silva and Almil Agresive (ARG)  53.5
15. James Atkinson and Gustav (CAN)  53.7

Note: Full results should be posted here later this evening.

Using the Pan Am scoring of counting the top 3 rounds:
USA: 138.6
Canada: 147.7

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