Monday, June 27, 2011

Sponsorship with EquiSANO! is honored to have the 'Star Athlete', Hawley Bennett and her horses on our ImmuSANO and EquiSANO products. Few riders and their horses enjoy the success that Hawley, riding Gin & Juice, have experienced over the last few years. Hawley takes the job of physical fitness and nutrition seriously. We appreciate her endorsement of our ImmuSANO and EquiSANO supplements to boost her immune system, along with that of her horses.

Total Nutraceutical Solutions, with its patented process to enhance the growth of Vitamin D2, is dedicated to continue developing the highest level of mushroom based supplements. This specialized Nutraceutical Vitamin D filled mushroom formula has been designed to provide anti-oxidants and anti- inflammatory properties to boost the Immune System – the effects of which are experienced in the Equine Industry. Hawley has seen a wonderful change in her horses' overall health, their focus and reduced stress, especially during the rigors of National and International travel.

We at TeamSANO, are excited for Hawley's continued success and are honored to have this accomplished Athlete and Rider on our products. We appreciate her devotion to the physical demands of this sport and Hawley's commitment to our supplements.

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